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No Perfect Date To Tie The Knot?

date to tie the knot

So you just got engaged….and when you announced it to the world, everyone’s prevalent question is “When’s the wedding?”

Choosing the wedding date is one of the crucial part in planning for your wedding. Both of you must agree to a particular date. That particular day will indicate as a special day for both of you and becomes your anniversary day as husband and wife.
When choosing a certain date to tie the knot, here’s some things that you may consider:

1. Mark as a special date for both of you. List some dates that are important to both of you, it might be a day when you had your first date or your anniversary day as boyfriend or girlfriend. You might also consider the season that both of you like such as winter, spring, summer or fall. Once you have listed all relevant dates, then start choosing from those dates you have listed.

2. Estimate a period for planning the whole wedding ceremony. You need to estimate up to when you can organize all the wedding details. Your gown, the entourage, making & sending invitation cards, the wedding venue and reception and your honeymoon site. Most married couples would say that wedding event needs averagely six months to plan and organize. It also depends on what kind of ceremony it would be. If it’s a church wedding, more time is needed and if it’s a ceremony in a register’s office, less time would be needed.

3. Consider certain holidays within the year. Preferably choose a time that is matched to a holiday vacation or a weekend holiday since family, friends and guest would be convenient with that time attending your wedding. Holidays gives you and them much time to prepare. If some of your guest will be travelling from east to west or north to south; they’ll be able to do so if it’s within their holiday break. Who would want to hold a wedding without significant people involved in your soon to be married life, right?

4. Advise your family, close friends and relevant guests. People that should take part in the wedding ceremony should be informed ahead of time. If your still confused when is really your exact wedding date; seek their opinions or suggestions. Your close acquaintances or direct family members might be able to help you in choosing the best time to get married to match within your list. One good thing about asking their suggestions is that you will also know when is their most convenient time to attend your wedding.

Remember that their is NO Perfect date, NO Best time and NO Auspicious day to tie the knot. It takes the two of you to make your wedding perfect, best and auspicious day. Here at Classic Diamond House, we give you all the best wishes in another milestone of your life, your wedding day! For all wedding occasions, Classic Diamond House offers bestseller wedding bands and elegant bridal diamond ring sets that would seal your vow of marriage. So start you wedding plan and shop now!





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