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Promise Ring: Significance and Its Meaning


Promise ring represents a promise of togetherness among couples – most of the are young ones – and can be given to the one you love, your parents, or a special friend. Promise ring is not only for lovers but for people who vowed a certain promise to the receiver  Get to know more about it and answer the questions commonly asked about the promise ring.





What does it mean when someone give you a promise ring?

For some couples, they give promise rings for a reason that they are not yet ready for marriage but promise to commit to each other for a longer engagement. This is common among young couples who are enjoying their youth and their relationship  but hope to see their future still together. For special friends, it can be a bond which symbolizes your true friendship a midst all  ups and down in your life as best of friends. For family relation, it can be given to your mother or father to let them show your promise as their child.

Who can wear and give promise rings?

Some women would asked if they could give promise rings to their beau, and their quite hesitant to do so. Since we get used to practice giving engagement to ladies, we do the same with promise rings. However, let us entangle that mind set. A promise ring can worn or given to men as well. Depending on the kind of relationship you have, reasons also vary on why you’re giving them. However, the true meaning of promise rings is your commitment and promise to each other.





Which finger do we put on the promise ring?

Some of the trends when wearing promise rings depends on what purpose is it for? In order to avoid misunderstanding you need to know the kind of promise ring you have. If it’s given by your boyfriend or girlfriend, it could mean a pre-engagement promise ring. You should be wearing on your left ring finger. Once you’re engaged to be married, it is then replace by your engagement on that same ring.

For friendship promise ring, that symbolizes your bond as friends (platonic relationships), the ring could be worn anywhere on your finger. But for some individual, they don’t normally put friendship promise ring on the left hand’s ring finger since it could be misunderstood as couple’s promise ring.

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