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Choosing an Engagement Ring Best Suited For Her Style

In modern times, we can now see couples, together they’d go into our shop to check out the engagement ring. Well, it is unusual since engagement is supposed to be a surprise proposal of a boyfriend to his girl. However, it does happen nowadays that girlfriends are also be involved in choosing that engagement ring, for them they think it’s less of a hassle and not stressful so the girlfriend can see if the ring suits her. Traditional proposals are surprised proposals in which for some believed it is more romantic and exciting for both man and his girlfriend.

As we encountered some men are clueless on what would be the perfect style for their girlfriend’s engagement ring. Thus, making them feel stressful in choosing that ring for their soon to be fiance’. However, picking that engagement ring should be an exciting experience once you know it from the jewelry experts. That is why after so many years of encountering frequently asked  questions among men customers, here are some tips and practical guide in helping them choose the kind of engagement ring perfect for their girlfriend’s style and ring finger.

1. How To Know The Ring Size.

Many typical boyfriends know much about the jewelry style of their girlfriend. But then again, when asked about the ring size they are not so sure about it. So here’s a great tip for you guys out there, consider asking help from one of her close friends or family members. Make sure the person you asked favor to do it is someone that could actually keep the secret plan. You can ask them to borrow a ring from your girlfriend’s jewelry box. Once you have it on hand, then you can bring it in the jewelry shop.

2. How To Know Her Engagement Ring Style.

  a. What kind of engagement ring matches her personality?

– Begin with considering your girlfriend’s personality is a best way to know her style. Is she a bit reserved or rather outgoing? If you’re girlfriend’s personality is a bit shy and simple, then we would advised you to have the classic and clean cut designs such as solitaire engagement ring, the three-stone ring or a ring with bezel setting.

– For women who are outgoing and confident, give her a modern type of engagement rings which has a touch of color such as accented with colored diamonds. Also you can go for bigger carat size of stone and with special cut stone shapes.

Look at these engagement ring images below that suit various type of personality.












b. What kind of engagement ring matches her finger?

The size and proportion of her finger would matter significantly to compliment the style of her ring. For women who has small hands or short fingers, an oval shaped or marquise shaped diamonds would look fabulous on her as it gives an illusion of slender looking fingers. If your woman’s hand are large and wide, buy a ring that has larger stone because smaller diamonds on this type of finger will not be proportionate and finger may even look wider. Once the girl has long and narrow fingers, a princess cut or round cut diamonds looks gorgeous on her with an average stone size so the finger would look wider.

Look at the images below for rings that matches her finger.



c. What kind of engagement ring matches her lifestyle?

- It is best to consider her lifestyle, her profession and daily activity. If your girlfriend has medical profession such as nurses, doctors or physicians, most of the time they would need not wear engagement ring at work. So it’s best that men should also know whether the engagement ring would be worn by their fiance’ on a daily basis or just occasionally. It is also best to choose a versatile ring that has classic and timeless design such as solitaire diamond engagement ring for a clean look.

 Classic Diamond House specializes on various types of engagement rings. We showcase from traditional to modern type of rings that would match to your expectations. On top of that, we can be your good pal in guiding you in choosing the best engagement ring for your girlfriend. Since we do have a very friendly and professional staff who are knowledgeable and highly experienced in all sorts of jewelry that you wish to have. Visit our site, www.classicdiamondhouse.com and enjoy shopping through our online store and feel free to contact us for your jewelry inquiries. Happy shopping!





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