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Proposal Ideas: Will You Marry Me…My Valentine?

February 14th, Valentine’s Day is one the most significant day of the year for lovers… Most restaurants for fine dining, vacation spots, flower shops are fully booked during this day. Looking at the statistics, every year about 10% of American couples got engaged on this day. So if you have plans to propose to your loved one on a Valentine’s day, make sure to get things right on track. So here’s some tips on how to set the mood for you to pop that question, “Will you marry?”

1. Valentine’s day might be a quite common day for proposing but how to make it unique would depend on how unique you are as a couple compared to other couples. For example, if you two are sports enthusiast, then you can propose while your playing your favorite sports. If you both love singing, then you can serenade her with your favorite song and then propose to her. Whatever interest both of you or where you two can engage yourselves, then it would be great mood setting for proposal.

2. If you’re planning to propose where families and relatives are involved in this big moment; then you may ask the family of your girlfriend first to secretly plan out ahead of time. At most times, your girlfriend’s family can give you some ideas on making this moment nostalgic and extraordinary.

3. Make sure you have your reservations ready just before the V-day. Sometimes, it’s exciting to do things unplanned and just be spontaneous but when things go wrong during unplanned activities, it might spoil your Valentine’s day proposal. Restaurants are fully booked this day and even holiday resorts are reserved. So if you haven’t booked yet, try checking out now some places where you can truly set a very good mood for your proposal plans.

4. Do the old fashioned way. Most women love romantic stuff, even would some deny that saying they’re not into romantic stuff but I tell you, it isn’t true. Conventional ways such giving flowers, sending love letters or Valentine’s card and giving her chocolates is still timeless traditions for a Valentine’s date. This will also help you set the mood for your big plan, the Proposal. So lure her with flowers, chocolates and a love note that will sweep off her feet.

5. Once you set the mood for your proposal. Make sure you will have the confidence and courage to pop that big question. Take a deep breath to get away with those jitters. It doesn’t ave to be overly extravagant proposal; it doesn’t need to be in a public eye. What’s most important is you say it sincerely by heart. Its how you feel, that will transcends into what you say, so be confident and positive about it.

6. Another important thing for you to remember is that it’s much better to buy the ring yourself to have that element of surprise. Not only that….also, when you buy a ring by yourself, it only reflects how you know your girlfriend so well. You know her taste on jewelry pieces and you know exactly what she liked to wear.

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