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Black Diamonds: Unlikely Diamonds with Its Mystic Beauty

Black is beautiful, does it goes same with the black diamonds?

In the past, we are attracted with the glitter of the clear diamonds and how its shines when stroked by lights. However, due to the evolution of fashion jewelries, colored diamonds are becoming trendy and an attractive bling among fashionistas. Not only they are much more affordable but also these colored diamonds matches every attire and is very versatile! One of these colored diamonds we can find in the market are the black diamonds. Black diamonds are not that flashy like those of other colors, but these precious gems have its own distinctive beauty that can make a beautiful piece of  jewelry.

What are Black Diamonds?

They are also known as Carbonado, usually found in Brazil mines. It  is a natural polycrystalline diamond. Its natural color is black or dark gray, and it is more porous than other diamonds.  Black diamonds are rare to be found among other diamonds in the world. It is made of pure carbon crystal, so technically it is still a diamond. These black diamonds are very ancient and has an age of about be 3.5 billion years. For years, carbonados have been used in industry, they are also called industrial diamonds because of its hardness.

 In ancient times, black diamond jewelry are commonly worn by men. But nowadays women are also interested in wearing them. Encrusted black diamonds usually matched with white diamonds create a beautiful contrast to make it a stunning piece of jewelry. These black diamonds along with other colored diamonds are called “Fancies” from rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets or bangles which rose in to fame as women’s fashion accessories nowadays. Due to its marketability, black diamonds are also popular as a wedding jewelry, couples would sometimes pick wedding rings with black diamonds accent. Some modern women would also prefer having an engagement ring of black and white diamonds accented on it.

The classic and elegant looks of black diamonds make it really a popular jewelry in the turn of the twentieth century. In celebration of our classic diamond collection, Classic Diamond House showcases a wide array of Black diamond jewelry designs enriched with white diamonds set in white gold , yellow gold and silver gold. look through all these handsome and stunning colored diamond jewelries.

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