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Blue Diamonds “The King’s Jewel”

With the rise of fancy colored diamonds in fashion jewelries, blue diamondss have proven to be most desirable in the jewelry market today. The cool color of blue diamonds would range from light colored blue to deep colored blue which are then accented on various jewelries such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Coming from the mines, there are variety of natural colored diamonds. One of them are the blue diamonds which are very rare to find that is why they have the highest bid among jewelry collectors.







The famous of all is the Hope Diamonds, which is the largest of all deep blue natural diamonds amounting to 45.52 total carats. It was discovered around 1600s due to a diamond-bearing volcanic shaft in Golconda, India. The Hope Diamond is also known as the “King’s Jewel” this is because during the 13th century, France’s Louis IX remarkably notice the beauty and timelessness of diamonds. He even decreed that these precious gems could be owned only by the King. It has a lot of stories to tell from its past having it handed down from various kings and even commoners. It experienced being sold, stolen and until such time when it was recovered and redefined of one then owner, the French Royal Treasury.




According to folklore beliefs, blue diamonds promotes calmness and serenity, and in modern times, they are precious jewels which has the epitome of classic, sophisticated elegance. Blue diamond also represents the earth tone color of the far seas and when strike by the light, rainbows of colors comes out naturally which gleams the stone even more.

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In today’s times, we don’t need to become a royalty in order to own these gorgeous diamonds. Even without having to spent a great fortune Classic Diamond House has stunning natural blue diamond jewelries which are very much affordable for all. Take a peek at our blue diamond collection from rings earrings bracelets and pendant necklaces. At Classic Diamond House you can find these astounding jewelry designs starting from intricate light blue diamonds and up to intense blue diamonds not just for women but also with men’s jewelry… happy shopping everyone!


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