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What’s HOT on Engagement Ring Style For 2013

If you’re planning to propose this 2013, then you must take a peek at this hot engagement ring designs that pleases everyone’s unique and individual style.

1. Two Tone Metal Combination





We commonly see engagement rings crafted out of a platinum or white gold. This year  expect a more richer color combination of gold and white tone. Mixed metals are one hot trend in engagement rings, brides look fabulous with this kind of engagement style.





2. Halo Diamond Engagement Ring



Halo designed rings were popular last year, and will still take on its popularity in 2013. Encrusted with small diamonds which surround the bigger diamond at center could create the impression of a much larger solitaire.







3. Colored Diamond Engagement Ring




It might be the royal wedding effect! Colored engagement rings are incredibly popular nowadays and this soft blue diamond hue will definitely stand out. Fancy colored diamonds are perfect for those brides who wanted a more distinct and rare designs.







4. Timeless Vintage Design



Vintage is back on style. This classic design version is all over fashion jewelry design. Even in engagement ring designs, classic look has never fade its trend every year. The design seems like it was pass on from one generation to another. Classic beauty is forever!







5. Unique Diamond Cut Engagement Ring                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Soon to be brides are trying to look further from the traditional round-cut diamond engagement ring design to a more eye-catching various shapes of diamonds like marquise, pear, cushion, oval and emerald cut diamonds.







Which among these engagement style would want to have?

Among all faces and trends of engagement rings, Classic Diamond House is the house expert on that. All sorts of engagement rings that suits every fashion taste for soon to be brides! Feel free to browse through our site to check out trendy and fashion jewelry items!



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