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Father’s Day Special Blog

father's dayWe celebrated mother’s day last month and surely the greatest women in your life was quite happy with your little surprise. To reciprocate the expressions of love and gratitude we give to our greatest moms, it’s our father’s turn this month. Every third Sunday of June, United States celebrates Father’s day We may sometime forget or just take this occasion for granted, but is it really fair to let this day pass without showing to our dad how special are they to our lives? Definitively not. Although Mother’s day are well-celebrated compared to father’s day but we should not forget that we also have a lot of things to be grateful for our Dads, they are our provider, protector, our strength and our Hero – Here’s as to why we should be thanking our Dad on Father’s day.


1. The Father as our Provider. A true family man leaves the house to work hard in order provide the basic things his family needs. We assume sometimes that our father didn’t have much time to spend for us than our mother did. Well, think about the food that you eat, the shelter where you stayed, the clothes that you’re wearing and the school where your parents send you… here are the reasons why our father have to work, it’s all about the family.

2. The Father as our Protector. Our father is the one who showed us courage, strength and firmness. Whenever we are in danger our dad is there to protect or shield us from these dangerous worldly things. Remember the times when your dad pick you up from a fight, the day when you’re bullied or the time when you were so scared. He is there to remind and guide us in the most daring or bolder things we do and in every step of the way as we go through stages of our lives.

3. The Father as our Hero. Our dad may not be that expressive in showing their true emotions and a man of few words but their acts of love is more than enough to prove that they’re the true heroes in our lives. The father deserves recognition, over the years they have been the ¬†jack-of-all-trades in the family.

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Wherever you are right now, don’t let this Father’s day pass without giving a gift for your dad. They deserved it as much as mothers do. Whether they are biological father, stepfather, husbands or uncle, or any person who stood up the responsibility of being a dad in our lives; here at Classic Diamond House we commend all the fathers in the world. Express your great gratitude to your dad by sending him a gift that he truly deserves. Still can’t figure it out what to give your dad? Then we could help you with that. Call us today!

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